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Twas the night before New years

Twas the night before New years, when all through the house

Every creature was whirring be they stoned, sober, or soused;

The fireworks went off up the chimney, without care

For it was snowing too hard to be doing it out there

The children sat couched in front of the tv,

They waved sparklers and popped poppers, as they watched the jubilee;

And mamma in her party hat, and I in my fun glasses,

grew anxious for midnight, each second like molasses,

When by the door there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from our perch to see what was the matter.

New guests had arrived, and they each brought good cheer,

Hoppin John, grapes, Champagne, onions, and beer.

We cheered their arrival, no matter the delay

They tossed off their coats and we showed them the way

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a ball sparkling silver that marked the close of the year,

Come round everyone, we will soon see it drop,

I said before landing on the couch with a flop.

More rapid than eagles my guests gathered round,

As the final ticks tocked and the countdown did sound

"Now, Ten! Now, Nine! Eight, Seven, Six, five!

Four down to one! Another year I’m alive!

We jumped over chairs, we shouted and sang!

I kissed my good lady amid Boom, Thwack, and Clang"

We ran out to the streets to cheer, scream, and shout

The world rang out in joy, it’s what this time’s all about.

And then, through the cries, I heard someone say

Joy to the world, let peace guide our way.

We raised our glass, kissed or lasses, opened our mouths and sang

It wouldn’t be much of a new year, without auld lang

As we rang out the old and rang in the new

Up the craggy path trudged a wandering two

The old man had a baby and with a stick walked

He sang as she dreamt and in his arms rocked.

His beard was like wire and he stepped with a quiver

All over his arms were those spots of the liver

The wrinkled skin jiggled under gray sunken eyes

He stood with a curve but with age he looked wise

Happy new year he croaked, and sat the babe down.

She’ll be difficult and fussy he said with a frown

But you’ll soon love her dearly, and find out she's a belle

If you treat her just right she will treat you quite well

The old year snapped his fingers then disappeared from view

We looked for him once, but in a moment we knew

It was our job to care for the dear little baby

The swaddled up New Year whose future was maybe

We each agreed then to do our little part

To give every one of the next twelve months all of our heart

I kissed my friends good night and yelled so all could hear.


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