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Murph's trip through the Netherlands: Day 3

Chill day. We went for a short one around Arnhem that gave us more of the same. We learned of a line of sunken tanks that were buried into the ground to prepare nato for an invasion from the soviet union if they ever got around to that. The main defense would be a water barrier five KM wide between the north and Arnhem. The tanks were to prevent flanking, kind of a minimaginot line. Saw some cows, horses, sheep, more sheep than I would have expected. Don’t think of the Netherlands as being sheep country. Walked around downtown again, this time in the day. Very busy. Kind of jelly it’s like a normal city. Reminded me of every other European city i’d ever been to, shops and such. It’s almost as if people just go to go, we have mall walkers, and the center of the city is no worse place to walk, so it’s basically a mall, thus mall walkers. We were mall walkers. We also went to a sporting goods store, peanut butter store, and a British store. Wen in Arnhem I guess. I swear I've dreamt this before. Hmm.

Tried to go to one place for dinner. They told us all the tables were reserved. Nobody ever came to those tables, so who knows what she was really implying. Many theories. We went next door instead to a place that won best hamburger many times over. Very tasty. Surprisingly it was medium rare, more rare than that even. We figured that wouldn’t be the case, but if the Europeans can have steak tartare, then why not a rare hamburger. It’s probably extra clean too, considering. Maybe Canada is just super weird.

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