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Murph's trip through the Netherlands. Day 1

My flight was on time. My sister's just delayed. Either way wasn’t an issue. Made it through customs easily and waited around for her to show up. The two news stories were about the opening of the Elizabeth line in London and a box in the middle of the highway. Fun times. This being the day when all of US news was talking about the Uvalde shooting... Makes you think.

We bought train tickets, went to the platform, and boarded the first train that said to Nijmegen. I was initially confident, then worried after not seeing the train number in the google maps schedule. Nothing to be worried about. It was the right train. F google maps and trains, they never get it right.

We were on a bike tour. The guy delivering our bikes was nice, a little over descriptive, and sent us on our way. One of the tools we got was a little gps that attached to my bike directly. It gave us literal turn by turn, almost to the point of annoyance. Even 20 yards off the path, it would beep at you to turn back. Beats having to get the map out every five minutes though.

We rode along canals, through fields, the area had a lot of what I determined to be pear trees. Then we passed through Wijk bij duurstede. Say that fast three times. Stopped at the market there, and got grilwurst mit kase. It’s kind of a loose bologna with cheese that’s been fried. It was really good when it was the first thing eaten in a whole day, but no need to have two. I also bought some cheese from a dairy vending machine. Unfortunately I realize there’s no way to save the cheese, no fridge. I have yet to open it, and will try it tomorrow, see how it does on 24hrs without refrigeration.

Allergies are in full bore. It’s partly the riding through forested areas fresh abloom, partly through the fields of grass. We were on a dyke-road to Amerongen and the whole 5 miles or so was elevated above the fields and houses. Both sides were well grazed, so who knows how often it is needed for flood protection. Lots of cows, sheep, and some goat. They love their in ground trampoline here, no pools, figure you spend all your life near water, you’d rather spend your free time jumping really high, getting air, instead of swimming.

The rest can be summed up with tired napping. More on that now.

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