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Murph's Book Reviews: Preamble

How many books do you read? On the great scale of none to continuous, you might find Casuals picking up and dropping random volumes at will, Regulars who finish a book or two a month, Voracists who find themselves with one or two going at once, and Addicts whose bookshelf is in need of Weight Watchers after just months on the job.

I read too many books to remember, putting myself on the spectrum right between Voracious and Addicted. There are certainly times I am not reading, but with access to audiobooks, those days without work can end up wall to wall with words, feeding that insatiable imagination machine. I've for a bit now been scratching out a thought or two on particularly provoking reads only to ask the venerable Radiofreewrite question "what indeed will I do with this?" I don't want to burn my thoughts, they are meant for future me to stroll back in time for review, yet they were simply a menace blocking up my Google docs, making it impossible to find my holiday cookie recipe collection, vacation plans, and complaint letters to various sock manufactures. Honestly, how hard is it to make a sock that fit's my size 12.5 feet? All of your so called large socks only go up to size 12 turning me into Justin Pitt well before my time. I don't have a superficial assistant to go out shopping for the perfect... The point being, these ramblings needed to go somewhere. I do hope you enjoy.

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