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Life Nowadays

I'm sitting at a café in Clearwater, Florida, writing. I just wrote a long letter for a writing program I'm going to apply to, and edited a short story called "March Madness." It is raining hard outside. In a little while I'm going to walk home through the rain. I have two books waiting for me, atop my bed. The first is The Writing Life by Annie Dillard. The second is The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. After I run on the elliptical for an hour, I'll likely sit on the porch and read while listening to the rain.

Radio Freewrite is finally live. Two years of dreaming it up, and here it is: a real website on the internet, a real podcast on Spotify. I'm half-way through the "Jitterbug" episode, but am nervous to listen further. How will I sound? Was my story that week any good? I'll listen to the rest of the episode on my walk home through the rain.

During the weekdays here my brother is at school and my dad is at work. On vacation, I have all day free to dream and wander and write. It's a blessing, the ocean and the sun. Maybe someday I'll write about all of this. Oh, wait. I just did.

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