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How We Got Here

How We Got Here


Writing, at least as I haye traditionally understood it, is a solitary

pursuit. Reading is the social aspect of writing: it's where two (or

more, if read aloud) minds meet. It's where the writer's work joins

the rest of the world.

Krispy and I started experimenting with the possibility of making

writing communal. We didn't want to write a single work together, but

keep the individual nature of the writing process intact while still

finding some way to share it with each other. The rules had to be loose;

they had to be fluid. A shared prompt, a word and its definition. The

resulting story, immediately shared. A discussion around why we wrote

what we wrote, focussing more on the idea than the mechanics.

Three simple elements that have helped us learn more about writing- and

about each other— from the very beginning. We enjoyed our first session

so much that we professed our success with apoistolic furvor to The Lotus, who joined sessfion #2. Our little write club was born. The COVID-19-driven necessity of going remote encouraged us to draw other people from distant cities into the fold. Now that computers were involved anyway, why not record it and make it a podcast?

If you're listening along, please write: Find a friend who shares your

interest (there are a lot of us: the forgotten writers, the ones who

decided long ago that we just weren't good enough to get published, and

there was therefor no point in continuing to write) and read your story

to her. Listen as she reads hers to you. Talk about what you've done.

Enjoy yourself.

Welcome to the club:

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